About EFQM

EFQM has helped 50,000 organisations perform better over 30 years. By using its world-leading methodologies and the EFQM Model and Technology backed up by best practice, organisations can focus improvement on their priorities, their purpose, and their people.

Through our integrated and carefully designed portfolio of training and services, we work side by side with leaders to better equip their teams as they manage excellence, cultural change and transformation. Our aim is to help organisations deliver positive performance and meaningful benefits for all of their key stakeholders and society as a whole.


Acknowledged by leaders as a key partner to success, EFQM is an organisation that is known for being curious and excited. As different organisations battle with change and transformation on different fronts, we understand what is important, helping them to articulate a clearly understood purpose and nurture a valuable and rewarding culture.

Through our integrated and carefully designed portfolio of products and services, we work side by side with leaders as they manage cultural change and digital transformation to deliver positive performance and meaningful benefits for all their key stakeholders.

Why we do it?

And by becoming a successful partner to organisations around the world (helping land effective change, manage transformation and deliver performance improvement), we can deliver our own ambition – to build a better future for people, for communities and for organisations themselves.

How we do it?

  • Instil a culture of improvement by helping to assess and implement plans and strategies; discover and create good practices; develop their people.
  • Distil insights, knowledge, data and content that will help organisations to achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance
  • Identify good practices and know what good looks like – helping our network to deploy and refine this data, making it fit for purpose within their own organisation and culture
  • Share our rapidly developing knowledge base, networking opportunities and experiences, using this learning to generate new, innovative approaches
  • Encourage organisations to seek external recognition using our rigorous assessment process.

Our special traits


EFQM is a collaborative community – facilitating conversations to create a network of empowered individuals, organisations and partnerships that generate mutual benefit for all.


We act in your interests, with no hidden agenda. We are open and transparent, creating trust and acting with integrity in all that we do. We are committed to doing our best for our members, customers and the people we employ.


Independent of any EU institution or political movement, we adopt the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a shared blueprint to focus on improvement and making citizen’s lives better. We have a sound governance framework, accountable to our Members and any profit we generate is reinvested into our portfolio.


Everything we do is designed to equip organisations to manage with contemporary and challenging good practice reference points. As such, we inspire individuals and organisations alike to advance through innovative thinking, learning and development.


Through a unique mix of product, technology, people and networks, we are committed to creating and promoting a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive – constantly pushing the boundaries, seeking out megatrends and always looking forward to what’s next.

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