Abu Dhabi Police

Becoming a Stakeholder-Centric Organisation

Abu Dhabi Police


Modernising a police force is a non-stop job. Investment in new technology can ensure that processes are constantly up-to-date.

But transformation is more than just focusing on apps, screens and software. It also requires focusing on outcomes, not processes.

On who the police force serves and how they can serve them better.

And on constantly improving the culture and satisfaction of staff so they can do the job that’s expected of them.

“Our journey with EFQM has been rich in both information and experiences”.

Major General Eng Nasser S Al Yabhouni – Abu Dhabi Police


Abu Dhabi Police’s journey toward excellence started in 2007, guided by government vision and direction.

Ever since then, in a region where the pursuit of organisational excellence is well recognised, Abu Dhabi Police has demonstrated that they are on a mission to always improve the service they deliver.

Using the EFQM model helps Abu Dhabi Police to develop a ‘stakeholder-centric’ view of the services that a modern police force should provide. And to improve them.

It helps the police force’s leadership reflect on and shape the organisational culture they want.

And it helps them plan ahead – to cope better with unexpected events.

Abu Dhabi Police has continued on their journey toward excellence by continuing to adopt The EFQM model and recognising the benefits that it can bring.

In particular, the leadership team have used The EFQM Model to help deliver:

● Digital transformation of work and services, to help ‘future-proof’ the organisation

● A transition from a routine-oriented work system into a dynamic outcome-led integrated system, which also focuses on the productivity and happiness of the employees

● Organisational resilience and agility, by providing flexible systems and frameworks that can cater for expected and unexpected changes

As well as the practical benefits of the EFQM model, one of the biggest benefits of investing in the model is how it helps Abu Dhabi Police to constantly look forward and improve.

“The EFQM model helps us address current and future policing challenges in an innovative and integrated manner that takes into account world-leading practices. It helps our organisation achieve excellence in our processes and services.”

“The EFQM model provides a roadmap for Abu Dhabi Police.”