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Using EFQM to offer the best of both worlds


How can you create a company which blends the best aspects of a successful big corporation, with the key attributes of fast-paced startup culture?

Or, in the words of an EFQM Assessor: an organisation which runs fast, jumps high, but also changes direction incredibly quickly when required.


Ugo Caratti has been at Bosch Rexroth Italy for 12 years, 5 of which with responsibility for South Europe. He introduced the leadership team to the EFQM Model about 8 years ago.

Today he credits the Model with helping to deliver a refreshed culture for the business, fostering a strong and committed leadership team, and a universal focus on customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

“Models particularly focused on HR topics like Top Employer certification are excellent at what they do. And other Models like ISO focus on ensuring compliance,” he says. “But the EFQM Model goes much further. Across the whole organisation it helps us monitor activity and make constant improvements based on what we want to achieve.”

“Where I think the EFQM Model is really strong is for guiding entire management teams who are already aligned on a vision and strategy.”

“We have transformed from a ‘silo’ organisation to a truly cross-functional one.”

In 2022 Bosch Rexroth was given EFQM Global Award 2022 5 Diamonds Outstanding Achievement for Organisational Culture.

Ugo was familiar with EFQM from previous roles within Bosch. He introduced the cycle of assessments every couple of years, followed by implementation plans.

“There is a significant investment of time and resources to get the most from the EFQM Model,” he says. “But the results make it totally worthwhile.”

“By focusing on the needs of our customers and all of our stakeholders we are able to keep improving our performance.”

It is this focus on customer requirements that helps Bosch Rexroth adapt its engineering business to create world-leading production systems solutions tailored precisely to their clients’ needs.

“With the right commitment and support from the C-suite, the Model could be used by any organisation,” he says.

“If you have a clear purpose, and are willing to adapt your business and your culture based on the feedback you get, then the Model can help guide you to deliver constant improvements across any organisation.”

On his LinkedIn page Ugo says, ‘Be brave, have fun’.

It’s an attitude that certainly seems to be working well for him and his colleagues.

Ugo has already set his sights on being awarded the six or seven diamond EFQM Global Award for Bosch Rexroth Italy.

Ugo Caratti, VP/Managing Director/CFO Bosch Rexroth Region EU South

"With the right commitment and support from the C-suite, the Model could be used by any organisation”

Ugo Caratti, VP/Managing Director/CFO Bosch Rexroth Region EU South