Bosch – A Case Study

Creating a culture for innovation to


For the last 30+ years, the EFQM model has been instrumental in helping Bosch to innovate and improve constantly.

In 1988, Robert Bosch GmbH were one of the 14 European companies that signed the ‘letter of intent’ which went on to establish EFQM. The company has been on its own journey of constant improvement ever since.

At its plant in Blaichach in Germany, Bosch manufactures high-tech systems for active driver safety and automated driving, including anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability programmes and camera systems.

Management at the plant wanted to develop and maintain a culture of continuous innovation, to improve existing processes and industrialisation of new products.



EFQM assessments offered a way for external assessors to help measure how Bosch Blaichach was performing against its own objectives and make recommendations for further improvements.

“Working together with EFQM gives us the opportunity to receive external feedback from excellent assessors,” said Anke Richmann, Commercial Plant Manager at Bosch Blaichach.

“This feedback gives us insight and ideas of how to lead and develop our plant. And the broad range of EFQM members with different backgrounds give us additional ideas for further improvement.”

Melanie Albrecht, Co-ordinator of Continuous Improvement Process, also praises the model – and the EFQM assessors – for helping to measure and shape the desired culture within the plant.

“It’s very important to get feedback from assessors, which will help us to reflect and improve on our culture.”

In 2017 Bosch Blaichach/Immenstadt received the EFQM Global Award and, in 2021, were awarded 7 stars and an Outstanding Achievement in Establishing a Common and Shared Purpose.

Melanie Albrecht, Co-ordinator of Continuous Improvement Process

“The new Model now also focuses on how organisations nurture their organisational culture. In my opinion, it’s very important because culture has a huge impact on productivity, but much more on innovation and creativity.”

Melanie Albrecht, Co-ordinator of Continuous Improvement Process