EFQM Lens Series 

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The EFQM Lens Series

The EFQM Lens series uses the guiding principles and seven criteria of the EFQM Model as the basis for focusing on a specific topic, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), Circular Economy, or a specific sector, for example, Education. Organisations find it important to integrate and embed specific management topics or to ensure sector good practices within its Purpose, Ecosystem, Leadership, Culture, Operations, and Results.

Sector lens

Help school leadership teams to measure current performance and shape future activities to improve it

Topical lens

Net Zero
At the heart of a Net Zero world is the desire to achieve, globally, Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. In this necessary transformation, do you want to be a winner, a survivor or a casualty?
Circular Economy
Provides a method for organisations to measure and improve the way they migrate from their current 'take, make, dispose' way of working, to a series of more regenerative approaches.
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Provides a method for organisations to measure their progress towards embedding the relevant UN SDGs and associated targets into their way of working.
Shows how organisations can create a stronger innovation culture and drive results.
Guides organisations as they identify how well prepared they are for disruption and major change and how effective leadership is managing today in times of disruption.

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Vinciane Beauduin

Vinciane Beauduin