EFQM Event Edinburgh

Leading organisations shared their examples of successfully using The EFQM Model to improve their performance.

EFQM Event Edinburgh

We were delighted to welcome delegates from a wide range of organisations across Scotland and beyond to our first face-to-face event in Edinburgh. 

It was fantastic to be able to meet people in person once again. Delegates found it valuable to speak with each other and with the speakers and panel members in networking opportunities included around the event.

Thanks to our speakers and panellists, we enjoyed a varied programme, with fascinating examples from organisations using The EFQM Model. These ranged from Denroy, a mid-sized manufacturing business with significant reach based in Northern Ireland; through the public, third and education sectors with Skills Development Scotland, Queens Cross Housing Association, The Wise Group, and City of Glasgow College; to a global corporation in Signify – all using The EFQM Model to support outstanding performance and prepare for the future challenges facing organisations in a world of fast-paced change.

Denroy's John Irwin described how beneficial The EFQM Model has been in his work at this family-owned company since 2014, particularly in relation to how they have adjusted the culture and provided more clarity on their values and behaviours.

“The EFQM Model helps to demonstrate to ourselves and our employees that we are continually improving”.

  • John Irwin, Managing Director, Denroy

Being keen to make the principles of The EFQM Model an integral part of how Denroy's people fulfil their roles, John described how he is committed to making it clear that this is not just another initiative or extra layer of work. 

“It’s just how we do it”.

Margaret Brannan from Queens Cross Housing Association (QCHA) described how their recent experience of external recognition, Qualified by EFQM, has provided many benefits to the organisation in terms of identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement, and additionally how her own experience of being on an Assessment Team has enhanced her personal development.

Some of the key reasons for using The EFQM Model were to expand the horizons of the organisation, and to demonstrate who they are, to the sector and wider society. Margaret discussed how QCHA is very socially focused. 

“This is the way we do things.”

  • Margaret Brannan, Communications Manager, (QCHA)

Julie Riley from Skills Development Scotland (SDS) highlighted that the benefits of The EFQM Model are available for any and every member of SDS staff and that they have increased capability across the organisation. Julie emphasised that working with EFQM is not about a badge: it is about the people at SDS doing the best they can, working collaboratively with colleagues to deliver what customers need.

John Gorse from Signify is relatively new to EFQM but already recognises how the current Model allows his organisation to ask pertinent questions right across the business. It helps Signify and its stakeholders to see the why, how, and what of everything that the company does.

As a Business Manager, John specifically encourages Signify's people to really think about the mission statement of the company and about the true impact of the transition to solar-powered energy on sustainability.

Read our Signify Case study. 

As an industry, lighting has long been progressing sustainability with ongoing innovations in lower energy lighting, for example. Signify's focus is on more localised operating models, circular economy principles, digitalisation, and innovation.  Their “Road to Excellence" based around EFQM supports simplification. 

“EFQM enables us to spend time on what matters most”.

  • John Gorse, Public and Government Affairs Lead 

The final panel of the day bought together Dr Claire Carney, Vice Principal Student Experience at City of Glasgow College; Julie Rutherford, a long-time ambassador of the EFQM Model and now working at The Wise Group; and Gail Tutcher from EFQM.  Focusing on three different experiences: participation in an EFQM Impact Programme; experience of both internal and external assessment teams; and developments in and opportunities around EFQM Training, each demonstrated potential opportunities for next steps in implementing The Model across sectors and organisations. 

Claire spoke about her experience of the EFQM Impact Workshop and the holistic benefits of the programme for her organisation. 

“Our workshop helped to get a newly brought together team up to speed quickly and really immerse themselves in the details of the organisation."

  • Dr Claire Carney, City of Glasgow College 

“The EFQM Model helps to increase the ability of change management rather than being driven by external changes, such as increasing regulation. It is more about being driven by your own strategy.”

  • Julie Rutherford, The Wise Group

It was as good to hear that our guests had a great time at our first EFQM Event in Edinburgh as it was lovely to see guests face to face again. 

"Really great event, really enjoyed the range of presentations and thought it was a great first in person event for EFQM in Scotland. The opportunity to be in a room together and to network in person was really fantastic. "

  • Lauren Corbett, The Mungo Foundation

Our EFQM Chairman, Dr Paul Little, Principal of City of Glasgow College, closed the day and explained his enthusiasm for being a part of EFQM and encourages organisations to begin their journey with us. 

Contact EFQM to begin your journey.

“Working with EFQM gives you the opportunity to engage, embrace and enthuse. Engage with EFQM by following us on LinkedIn, subscribing to our mailing list, and joining us a member. Embrace the principles of continuous improvement and adaptability to fast-paced change that ensure future success. Enthuse and empower your people with an EFQM Model that is used by over 50,000 organisations worldwide.”

  • Dr Paul Little, EFQM Chairman, CEO City of Glasgow College 

We would like to thank all our speakers, panellists and guests for joining us at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre for our first in-person event of the year. If you would like to get into contact with our Scotland team, about anything during the event, or if you couldn't attend, please email [email protected].  

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14 Avr 2022