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AssessBase is a flexible and bespoke tool to help organisations improve and manage change. AssessBase helps organisations measure, track and improve performance in the areas they are most interested in.

From start-ups looking to engineer fast growth, through to successful businesses dealing with a crisis, or multinationals keen to adopt a sustainability culture, AssessBase can help. From a “light touch” assessment using a simple questionnaire through to a complete assessment, AssessBase’s diagnostic tools address themes like purpose, culture, operational performance, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, leadership, satisfaction, and more.

AssessBase also features tailored ‘lenses’ for AssessBase – using the same principles but tailored to measuring and improving performance relating to disruption, innovation, UN-SDGs, or Education. The Lenses can help guide organisations as they deal with issues or want to do a deep dive in particular sectors.

AssessBase is multilingual: English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, French, German, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish.

How is your organisation performing?

Always learning

KnowledgeBase is our knowledge and resource hub to support your organisation and your role by providing direct access to comprehensive and curated content.

From developing an innovation culture in a not-for-profit, through to applying the UN SDGs in a multinational, KnowledgeBase hosts and signposts expertise from the world’s leading organisations and publications. Whether you’re looking for support on specific topics or want to research what the industry leaders in your sector are, KnowledgeBase can help you identify the latest thinking. Thinking which you can then apply to your day-to-day work.

Value comes from our individual and collective ability to transform knowledge into insights, action, and results. If you identify something you think others would find interesting, you can submit it for inclusion.

Further your knowledge. Share best practice. Keep learning.

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Vinciane Beauduin

Vinciane Beauduin