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New Certified Organisation

New Certified Organisation

The Institute for Sustainability & Growth (INBIAN) is a nonprofit civil organisation with a mission to support and deliver the EFQM philosophy across Greece and contribute to the promotion, dissemination and adoption of modern management principles, methods and practices for enterprises and organisations in the private and public sector. It addresses medium and top-level executives as an exceptional excellence and sustainability tool to manage transformation, resilience, digitalisation, and value creation.

INBIAN, as a certified organisation for Greece, has the appropriate mechanisms, skills, experience and knowledge to drive business excellence and provide the spectrum of EFQM services and products for an organisation's sustainability and growth.

Russell Longmuir, CEO of EFQM, said:

'We are delighted that INBIAN has become the EFQM Partner for Greece. They will enable and empower Greek organisations to grow and improve, focusing on purpose, people, and sustainability. With their great team combined with EFQM insight, training and technology, INBIAN will drive organisations of every size in every sector to be leaders in the recovery.'

Ioannis Bertsatos, Managing Director of INBIAN, said:

'Restarting in a post-crisis economy requires more than the desire to improve: it demands Resilience and Transformation through a well-structured management framework geared towards sustainability and growth. EFQM is the road to Excellence. Join INBIAN, INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND GROWTH to find out more about the solutions we deliver to Organisations and People to achieve success and improve performance.'

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05 May 2021