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Located in Southern France, more precisely in Toulouse and Marseille, SCLE SFE is a high technology company specialised in high-voltage networks.

For more than 50 years, SCLE SFE has designed, produced, installed and maintained products and solutions that contribute to the availability and effectiveness of networks:

  • Command Control specialist, SCLE SFE creates systems automating transformer stations, with high availability requirements
  • It develops signalling equipment that contributes to the safety of rail and urban transport networks
  • SCLE SFE imagines innovative solutions for electrical grids of the future: energy management systems, electricity storage, micro-networks

SCLE SFE offers optimised and sustainable solutions to help customers exceed their goals.

This good practice has been witnessed by their EFQM Global Award 2021 Assessor Team: Enrico Tosco (TIM S.p.A.), Silke Liesert (Ugitech), Germain Becker (Cabinet d'Orthodontie Beckert & Associés), Ursula El Hage (Saint Joseph University of Beirut).


Maximise the product's lifespan and minimise their impact throughout their life cycle, thus reducing raw materials and waste production. 


SCLE's market arena is quite competitive, and the effort for innovation is relentless. The companies frequently renew their product ranges; thus, little effort is made to increase the product lifespan.  

SCLE's approach is quite different, as it promotes the longest possible lifespan for its products and systems, favouring repair over replacement. 


The eco-design has been implemented for ten years and allowed to minimise the quantity of material used by apply design rules enabling easy repair and restoration, selecting hardware/software components that are available in the long term and making products more robust.  

This approach is built on the ability for SCLE systems to be repairable, rehabilitated and evolutive (upgrade/retrofit) and is based on a strong commitment to the product sustainability through their availability for sale as well as their longevity when exploited. 

A parallel work for improving production processes and logistic has been carried out. Eco-design was integrated into the design of new products and the "redesign" of several pieces of equipment.  


The approach allowed SCLE to counteract planned obsolescence and reach a 50-year lifespan of its products, significantly longer in comparison with competitors, whilst maintaining a high innovation rate of products (between 35% and 50% of products are not older than 5 years). All the products manufactured since 1987 (energy) or since 1970 (railway) are accepted in after-sales service. 

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27 May 2021