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EFQM and COP26

Glasgow, Scotland, 31 October-12 November 2021

EFQM and COP26

EFQM is planning an event to coincide with COP26 - the UN Climate Change Conference and is seeking expressions of interest from our global partner network. Would you mind taking 2 minutes to fill in this questionnaire to share your thoughts about EFQM's potential event?

COP26 is one of the annual events that take place where organisations and partners come together to take forward action on protecting critical ecosystems and reversing climate damage. COP26 is about championing sustainability and resilience. 

COP26 is an excellent opportunity for the EFQM community to show how we are promoting sustainability and outstanding performance.

In its 30 years, EFQM has been consistent in ensuring that the essence of the Sustainable Development agenda has been included in the different iterations of the EFQM Model and its world-leading certification process. 

The current EFQM Model is based partly on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and encourages organisations to consider their relationship and impact on the wider community and ecosystem. 

Further information will be available in the coming weeks. 

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22 Jul 2021