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How to make the UN SDGs work for your organisation


As COP26 takes place, businesses are increasingly aware of their responsibility to people and the planet. These obligations are summed up in the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). 

The United Nations previously set out 17 SDGs to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and protect the planet.

Within those SDGs the UN set out 169 associated targets to help tackle issues ranging from gender equality through to improved sustainability. 

It called on business to play a major role in helping hit those targets by 2030.

Whether you’re a multinational or an SME, The EFQM Model can help your organisation play a part in addressing the issues raised in COP26 and beyond.

Our SDG Lens can guide you to put the SDGs to work in your organisation. And help your organisation support the SDGs.

This world-class management tool gives you meaningful insights that will empower your organisation in its journey towards becoming outstanding.

It follows the guiding principles of the EFQM Model. Our framework is proven to help improve performance. EFQM is trusted by the world’s leading companies, from Bosch to BMW.

Whether your organisation is small, medium or large, public, private or third sector, this Lens is the tool you need to bring the SDGs to life.

So, how does the UN SDG Lens work?

This Lens lets your organisation perform a gap analysis between your current competence and desired state. It helps create a pathway to sustainability.

You will easily identify best practices and opportunities so that the 17 SDGs become embedded into your everyday way of working.

Once you clearly understand your position in relation to the SDGs, you can develop a relevant performance management/measurement approach to track progress.

The Lens is your catalyst for success. Ultimately, improved sustainability will enhance your organisation’s reputation with customers, partners and society as a whole.

How do I start my SDG journey?

We have two tools available within the Lens to help get you started: an easy-to-use questionnaire or a more rigorous diagnostic tool.

Which tool you choose depends on your organisation’s current degree of maturity in understanding and working with the UN SDGs.

The first tool (most suitable for those at an early stage) consists of 25 questions under three headings: Direction, Execution & Results. You’re invited to respond to a series of statements.

The second diagnostic tool enables a deep dive into your organisation’s current strengths and opportunities for improvement in line with the UN SDGs.

Find out more at our Introduction to the UNSDG Lens and Diagnostic tool webinar hosted by Geoff Carter and Vinciane Beauduin on the 24th of November, 2:30 CET. 

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02 Nov 2021