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Become a Leader in Performance Improvement

EFQM Performance Improvement Practitioner Course

Become a Leader in  Performance  Improvement

EFQM is excited to announce that we have developed a two-day deep-dive workshop on RADAR on the 20th and 21st of September 2022 or the 12th and 13th of October for organisations to equip learners with the simple methodology (RADAR) and help you understand the process of building a continuous improvement culture and mindset across your whole organisation.


History of RADAR:

RADAR was originally launched by EFQM 23 years ago as a tool to be used in day-to-day management; subsequently, it was expanded by EFQM and became a rigorous assessment tool.

The RADAR developers realised that a truly effective tool for assessment should be based not upon something different or additional to good management practice but rather upon what any good manager or management team should be doing in their daily work.

Course objectives

Aim of the training: to equip you to use a straightforward methodology (RADAR) to build a continuous improvement culture and mindset across your whole organisation.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the overall RADAR logic
  • Describe how RADAR can be implemented into an organisation to improve performance at every level
  • Identify how to use RADAR to drive the management agenda
  • Apply RADAR across day-to-day initiatives and key projects as an agile project performance framework

Why join the EFQM Performance Improvement Practitioner Course?

  • Improve the success of your transformation projects
  • Better align your performance improvement initiatives with adaptable approaches, maximised resources and focused results
  • Transform your leadership mindset in order to drive positivity and more effectively achieve your organisation’s goals

We ran an in-house session of this course with an international corporation at the start of the month and received great feedback:

"The course equipped participants with skills and critical success factors to driving performance and improvement initiatives more effectively and efficiently."

  • Andy Liya, Continuous Improvement Manager, Huawei Supply Chain

Book your place on this course here.

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28 Jun 2022