Partnership makes the world a better place

EFQM is a practical philosophy and a management framework. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are proud to work with hundreds of partners all around the world. Our partners deliver EFQM training, assessments and consultancy. We choose our partners carefully, and we run rigorous checks before they are accredited and licensed.


Organisations certified by EFQM to deliver official EFQM Training Courses.


Organisations certified by EFQM to deliver official assessment associated with external EFQM Recognition.

CTO Partners (Certified Training Organisations)

What are Certified Training Organisations?

Certified Training Organisations are organisations licensed to deliver official EFQM Training Courses. They must be EFQM members and must uphold the EFQM Code of Conduct.

EFQM certified organisations can also purchase and re-sell licenses for the EFQM digital platforms (AssessBase and KnowledgeBase).

What is an EFQM Certified Trainer?

EFQM Certified Trainers are individuals who have been certified by EFQM to deliver official EFQM Training Courses on behalf of an EFQM Certified Training Organisation.

EFQM Certified Trainers will have a thorough understanding of the EFQM Model and be experienced management or organisational improvement trainers.

EFQM Certified Trainers are listed on the EFQM website underneath the EFQM Certified Training Organisation they are affiliated with.

How can I become an EFQM Certified Trainer?

To become an EFQM Certified Trainer you must:

– Demonstrate proven experience in the field of training delivery for a period of at least 2 years and be observed by EFQM, or its appointed agent, in delivering some management training

– Deliver your training courses on behalf of an approved EFQM Certified Training Organisation

– Provide a minimum of 3 references from previous clients relating to training delivery

To find out more about becoming a Certified Training Organisation or an EFQM Certified Trainer please contact us at [email protected]

To research Certified Training Organisations or Certified Trainers, please consult our Directory.

EFQM brings out the best in everyone. Our model attracts people and organisations who want to do the right thing. And our community means that everyone is always trying to help each other do better.


Iosune Aguirre

Iosune Aguirre