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EFQM provides a global platform for recognising organisations for their success in achieving sustainable performance.

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What is it?

EFQM recognition shows how well your organisation performs against a globally proven management framework for driving sustainable performance– The EFQM Model.

– You can achieve different levels of recognition based on your organisation’s ability to achieve a sustainable performance – from 1 Star Recognised by EFQM for Sustainable Performance to the EFQM Global Award Winner level.

– From a rapid review process to a comprehensive in-depth assessment of your business, EFQM Recognition adjusts to your needs and objectives.

EFQM Recognition Scheme

The EFQM Recognition scheme recognises the achievements of any type of organisation based on their sustainable performance level.

Any organisation can apply for the rapid and advanced Recognised by EFQM, while the EFQM Global Award recognises and celebrates the highest-performing organisations around the world.

Who is it for?

The EFQM Recognition is designed for any organisation, regardless of size, sector or location.

EFQM Recognition is accessible for any organisation that wants to go through a business review and receive strategic and operational feedback for improvement, regardless of their previous knowledge of The EFQM Model.

EFQM Recognition can be achieved within a relatively short period of time. The rapid review process can be completed within a week.

Whether you’ve just discovered EFQM or have been with us for 35 years, applying the EFQM Model shows the world that you’re on a journey of constant improvement and committed to building a more sustainable future.

Why should I apply?

EFQM Recognition demonstrates your continuous improvement and sustainable performance to a global audience.

Be recognised as a high performing organisation, showcase your greatest achievements, build and reinforce the image of your organisation.

Your organisation’s performance is evaluated with a rigorous and time-proven process, which allows you to learn from and compare against outstanding organisations, supporting you in achieving sustainable performance.

A team of independent, trained business professionals will analyse your organisation and identify your strengths, opportunities for improvement and good practices that will help you drive change and transformation and achieve outstanding results.

Recognised by EFQM

You can opt between a rapid or complete review of your performance.

– Rapid Recognised by EFQM: a lean and rapid business performance review against a condensed version of the Model that doesn’t require any preparation. The whole process can be done within a week.

– Advanced Recognised by EFQM: an in-depth review of your performance against the full EFQM Model, for organisations who want to receive both strategic- and operational-level feedback on their current performance level and how to improve in the future.

Recognition at EFQM

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Iosune Aguirre

Iosune Aguirre