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The EFQM Community likes to recognise and reward success

We provide a global platform for recognition and support.

What is it?

EFQM recognition shows how well your organisation is performing against a globally proven management framework – the EFQM Model.

You can achieve different levels of recognition – from ‘Validated by EFQM’ through to being ‘7 star Recognised’ by EFQM’ or even winning the EFQM Global Award.

The EFQM Recognition process is carried out by independent EFQM Assessors. They review your performance using the Model and offer tailored feedback throughout the process. Along with their own expertise running organisations all over the world.

Who is it for?

The EFQM Recognition scheme is designed for any organisation, regardless of size, sector or location.

We can even help you to find the most suitable level of recognition.

Why should I apply?

EFQM recognition demonstrates your continuous improvement to a global audience and organisations value the peer-to-peer nature of the process.

Assessors act as a ‘critical friend’, bringing a valuable external perspective.

Recognition at EFQM

Whether you've just discovered EFQM or have been with us for 30+ years, applying the EFQM Model shows the world that you're on a journey of constant improvement.

We have four key recognition categories:

Recognition from EFQM


Agnieszka Cebrat

Agnieszka Cebrat