EFQM Global Award

EFQM Global Award

The EFQM Global Award

The objective of the EFQM Global Award is to recognise outstanding organisations worldwide, whether private, public or not-for-profit. These organisations demonstrate an indisputable track record of success in turning strategy into action and the continuous improvement of their performance. The EFQM Global Award is supported by one of the most challenging assessment processes. To assess organisations and identify good practices, an international team of 4 to 8 experienced professionals, all trained in EFQM’s rigorous assessment process, spend one week on-site. They review documents and interview individuals and teams to analyse how effectively the organisation performs in the delivery of its strategic objectives. The Assessors’ feedback report provides a wealth of value-adding input to help the organisation improve at a strategic level. The report is then presented to an independent Jury that decides the level of recognition for each applicant organisation. Throughout the process, the interaction with the assessment team enables an organisation to gain expert insights to tackle its future challenges.

EFQM Global Award Assessors

The EFQM Global Award is supported by one of the most rigorous assessments in the world. The EFQM Assessor community consists of hundreds of EFQM trained professionals from a wide variety of organisations around the globe. They contribute their expertise and their time to perform the EFQM assessments, including our recognition scheme’s pinnacle, the EFQM Global Award – one of the most challenging and robust business assessments in the world. EFQM Assessors come from a broad and diverse range of organisations – from the private and public sectors, from SMEs to global multinationals and from various industry and service sectors. They bring a wide range of experience and knowledge to the assessment process.


By entering the EFQM Global Award 2024, organisations can derive significant value by:

  • Gaining international visibility by being recognised against the EFQM Model demonstrating outstanding organisational performance.
  • Acquiring highly valued feedback that identifies and helps understand the gaps and possible solutions available, empowering progress and significant improvement in an organisation’s performance.
  • Fully understanding the EFQM philosophy and the range of intelligence tools we offer, including applying them for effective results.
  • Motivating your people. The ambition and thrill to succeed inspires, motivates and energises your employees at all levels of the organisation in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

Award Gala

The EFQM Global Award is an event designed to recognise the world’s best-performing private, public or not-for-profit organisations. It recognises leaders with an indisputable track record of success in turning strategy into action and continuously improving their organisation’s performance. During the Gala Dinner, which takes place in a different city every Forum, all our winners are invited to collect their trophies on stage, where we can all celebrate their achievements together. The evening concludes with the announcement of the overall EFQM Global Award winner 2024.



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Agnieszka Cebrat

Agnieszka Cebrat