Qualified by EFQM

Qualified by EFQM

Qualified by EFQM involves more of a deeper dive than Validated by EFQM.

Who is Qualified by EFQM for?

If you are looking for a relatively quick but detailed analysis of how your organisation is performing against the seven criteria of the EFQM Model, then this is for you.

What happens during the Qualified by EFQM process?

You start the Qualification process by completing the EFQM Business Matrix. EFQM will then allocate two Assessors to your organisation. They will review your submission, and review your progress against the model’s seven key criteria during a series of meetings over the course of 1-2 days.

You will receive detailed feedback on how to address your strategic objectives, as well as recommendations for progress against the model’s seven criteria. You will also receive a score which indicates the maturity level of your organisation.

Once you are Qualified by EFQM, you can public demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement in internal and external communications. The achieved recognition is valid for three years.

To find out more, download our Qualified by EFQM Application Guide today.


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Agnieszka Cebrat

Agnieszka Cebrat