Recognised by EFQM

Recognised by EFQM

Recognised by EFQM is a complete management review of your organisation, using the EFQM Model. It reviews your overall performance against your objectives and challenges.

Who is Recognised by EFQM For?

Recognised for EFQM is for people who want a rigorous external perspective on how well they are doing, with both strategic and operational feedback on how to improve, delivered by independent, trusted experts. Your organisation may already be performing quite well, and you may already be using the EFQM Model. But you think it could be doing better.

What happens during the Recognised by EFQM process?

You start by completing a detailed self-assessment document using EFQM’s AssessBase platform. EFQM’s team of 3-4 Assessors will review your submission and then each spend 3-4 days with you and your colleagues to review every aspect of your performance.

They will give you comprehensive feedback and documentation, which includes a scoring profile and detailed recommendations for improvement based on your bespoke objectives. The feedback includes specific advice based on the EFQM Model.

Once you are Recognised by EFQM, your organisation will be given a 3-7 star rating based on the overall score you receive. Many organisations then use their star rating both as a badge of honour and a benchmark for continuous improvement. The achieved recognition is valid for three years.

To find out more, download our Recognised by EFQM Application Guide today.


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Agnieszka Cebrat

Agnieszka Cebrat