Validated by EFQM

Validated by EFQM is our 'entry level' Recognition. It is designed for organisations that have started to use the EFQM Model and want to track their progress.

Who is Validated by EFQM for?

Validated by EFQM is for anyone looking for a fast, independent and expert view on how you to improve your organisation.

What happens during Validation by EFQM?

You start by carrying out a high-level business review self-assessment. EFQM will then allocate an Assessor to your organisation who will spend a day with you and your colleagues reviewing your performance.

They will offer you detailed feedback and recommendations for progress against the model.

Once you are Validated by EFQM, you can publicly demonstrate your commitment to continuous improvement to all of your key stakeholders. The achieved recognition is valid for three years.

To find out more, download our Validated by EFQM Application Guide today.

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