Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development

Why is CPD Important?

Everyone who has a stake in the EFQM Model wants to ensure its longevity. Protecting the credibility of the Model is vital for EFQM so we want to ensure that anyone who acts on behalf of EFQM is professional, knowledgeable and an outstanding ambassador for everything that EFQM stands for.

The expectations of your internal and external customers are constantly increasing so it is essential that, in line with other professional roles, you as EFQM Assessors, Advisers or Trainers are always developing your knowledge, skills and experience.

Being able to demonstrate your commitment to your continuing professional development (CPD) shows that you invest in yourself to make sure that you are up-to-date and continually improving the way that you work. CPD helps to protect your reputation as an EFQM professional.

We recognise your commitment to maintaining the highest standards by asking for evidence of your CPD for the renewal of your EFQM qualification after every 3 years.

How does the CPD scheme work?

EFQM’s scheme for continuing professional development recognises that every individual has different professional needs and aspirations. The CPD scheme provides a general framework and guidance but allows you the flexibility to create your own personal development path. You need to demonstrate at least 30 hours of CPD over a 3-year period to have your EFQM qualification renewed.

CPD activities must include a mixture of different types of learning, so you will need to carry out at least three different types of activity. In practice, most people will carry out many different types of learning, but you need to present at least two good examples of activities that you have carried out and then explain how they led to improvements in your knowledge, understanding or application of the EFQM Model.

What counts as Continuing Professional Development?

Any activity that increases your knowledge and understanding of the EFQM Model and its component parts is a relevant CPD activity. This includes developing your experience of using the Model and helping others to use it.

A list of suitable activities is shown below. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. If you want to include something that is not shown in the list, please email [email protected] to check the suitability of your activity.

  • Participating in an internal or external assessment based on the EFQM Model
  • Preparing the Management Document for your organisation in AssessBase
  • Completing another EFQM course
  • Joining (or delivering) an EFQM CPD webinar for Assessors
  • Participating in an EFQM Community of Practice or local special interest group organised by one of EFQM’s partners
  • Acting as a Jury member for an award based on the EFQM Model
  • Speaking about the EFQM Model at a conference, on the radio or television
  • Participating in a calibration exercise or practice session for EFQM Assessors
  • Reading and making use of an article, book or research paper that is related to the EFQM Model or part of it
  • Publishing an article, book or research paper that is related to the EFQM Model or part of it
  • Attending a conference, training course, webinar or presentation connected to the EFQM Model
  • Delivering a presentation, lecture, webinar or training course about the EFQM Model
  • Preparing a plan for the implementation of the EFQM Model in an organisation
  • Coaching others during an assessment based on the EFQM Model
  • Participating in a review of the EFQM Model
  • Helping EFQM to create a new version of the Model e.g. a sector-specific or topical lens

Whenever you complete an activity that has added to your knowledge, understanding or experience of the EFQM Model, add details to your CPD Log. It is your responsibility to maintain your CPD record and you will find it easier if you record the information straight after the activity. Try not to leave it until the end of the year or 3 years. [Click here to download the CPD log file template]

How do I contribute to the KnowledgeBase?

The EFQM KnowledgeBase can be found at https://knowledgebase.digitalefqm.com

On the KnowledgeBase homepage is a button for submitting content. If you are logged in to the KnowledgeBase, you will then be guided to the appropriate template for your chosen content. You can submit an article, a video, a podcast, a blog, an insight, a tool, data. We can help you to source suitable images if necessary. Your contribution will also go through the editorial process before it is published. Alternatively, you can email a document to [email protected].

How do I renew my EFQM Qualification?

The EFQM Organisational Change Leader and EFQM Assessor qualifications are valid for 3 years from the date of completion. To renew your qualification, you need to make sure that you have completed your CPD Log and that it is up-to-date. You should then send it to the EFQM Training team at [email protected]. You may be asked to provide supporting evidence. Once the CPD has been approved, EFQM will renew your qualification and update your renewal date on EFQM’s database.

In addition to the 3-yearly renewal, you will be asked to update your knowledge when there are any changes to the EFQM Model. Details of the changes and how to update yourself will be provided by EFQM. Please make sure that you notify the EFQM Training team if you change your contact details so that we always know how to communicate with you.

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