Performance Improvement Training

Performance Improvement Training

Performance Improvement Training

The essential course for anyone wanting to learn more about the RADAR logic and how to build a continuous improvement culture and mindset across your whole organisation.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to understand the RADAR logic and how it can be used to make their organisation more effective.

It provides a good overview for consultants who want to add RADAR to their portfolio of products and services.

Whilst this training is effective as a stand-alone course; it is also a Level 1 option for anyone considering one of the EFQM qualification routes as a way of progressing their management development and career.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the overall RADAR logic
  • Explain the main principles of positive culture and mindset for driving performance
  • Describe how RADAR can be implemented into an organisation to improve performance at every level
  • Identify how to use RADAR to drive the management agenda
  • Apply RADAR across day-to-day initiatives and key projects as an agile project performance framework


The main topics covered during the EFQM Performance Improvement Practitioner training are:

  • RADAR logic and examples of how it can be used
  • Using RADAR to drive the management agenda
  • Using RADAR to drive strategic initiatives
  • Using RADAR to set up strategic KPIs
  • From strategic initiative to strategic actions: the support from the EFQM Model and RADAR
  • RADAR as a Performance Improvement Framework
  • Case studies and group exercises
  • RADAR Improvement Matrix self-assessment

The training is spread over two days and is delivered in a virtual classroom setting (Zoom or Microsoft Teams), using videos, group discussions, case studies and activities in breakout rooms and presentations from the trainer.

Further Development

The EFQM Performance Improvement Practitioner training provides core knowledge about the RADAR Logic. In some cases, the training will have fulfilled an individual's learning needs. In many cases, the individual will want to consolidate their learning by applying the theory to a practical task. We encourage you to apply RADAR to a practical, work-based project, and we provide guidance on how to approach and complete your project. Completion of the RADAR Performance Improvement Project also allows you to progress to one of the advanced EFQM qualification programmes: EFQM Performance Improvement Leader, EFQM Assessor or EFQM Organisational Change Leader.

EFQM Performance Improvement Leader

If you successfully complete the EFQM Performance Improvement Practitioner training and the subsequent project, you are invited to apply for the EFQM Performance Improvement Leader assessment. You will be guided and coached by an EFQM trainer and asked to present your project to the EFQM expert panel. Here you will answer questions about how you applied the RADAR logic and principles (we provide participants with templates for running the project, as well as a high-level mid-term review). You will also receive feedback on how to improve and maximise the use of RADAR for future endeavours.

For further information, feel free to contact  [email protected].

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