Certified Change Management Expert

The three-part change management qualification programme gives a comprehensive overview of the application of change management for those who accompany and drive change.

The programme was developed by CPC Unternehmens- management AG, the leading change management consultancy in Germany, and can be completed with the title EFQM Certified Change Management Professional.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT according to CPC is an integrated approach for the successful transformation of organizations to create value with a focus on the employees, so that they can work more effectively and more satisfactorily.

What is the aim of this programme?

  • Promote the development of application oriented change management competence
  • Empowering participants to execute change management projects
  • Lay a solid foundation for a change management toolbox for the participants
  • Provide an overview of the background and theory of change management
  • Change Management Competency Certification (optional)

Who is this Training programme for?

This course is suitable for Project Managers, Project Leaders, Employees in HR, Organisational Development, Transformation and Strategy departments, Consultans, Self-employed Persons, High-potentials and Aspiring Executives.

How will the course be delivered?

The EFQM Certified Change Management Professional programme comprises three courses levels:

EFQM Certified Change Foundation
Self-Paced Learning (3.5 hours)
This course provides the introduction to the systematic development of change management methods. You will gain initial knowledge of the different methods and how you can best use them. Participants who are already experienced in change management will learn a structure for the systematic classification of existing knowledge and experience.

EFQM Certified Change Practitioner
Self-Paced Learning (4.5 hours)
In this 2nd level, you deepen the CPC change management method and get to know the content of the four areas of impact, leadership, engagement & enabling and institutionalisation along the entire project life cycle. There is a direct link with project management methods, but also the delimitation of the two disciplines. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of the different tools that can be used in corresponding phases.

EFQM Certified Change Expert
Classroom (virtual or face-to-face - 2 days)
The two-day expert training including certification is an interactive training in which the focus is on the application of the change management methods that you have learned in the e-learning courses. In this expert training, you have the opportunity to gain confidence in the application of the tools and methods you have learned and to gain initial experience in the training environment. You benefit from the practical experience of the trainer and have the opportunity to discuss all questions directly. The different experiences of the participants also lead to interesting insights and insights into how to deal with different changes.

The EFQM Certified Change Management Professional programme will be available as from early April.

Feel free to [click here] to register your interest in these courses. We will keep you informed as soon as the courses are open.

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