Certified Change Practitioner

In this e - learning you will get to know the different areas of the CPC change management methodology in detail. 

The three-part change management qualification program gives a comprehensive overview of the application of change management for those who accompany and drive change. The program was developed by CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG, the leading change management consultancy in Germany, and can be completed with the title Certified Professional in Change Management with EFQM qualification . 

In the advanced training, you deepen the CPC change management method and get to know the content of the four areas of impact, leadership, engagement & enabling and institutionalization along the entire project life cycle. There is a direct link with project management methods, but also the delimitation of the two disciplines. You will gain comprehensive knowledge of the different tools that can be used in corresponding phases. The three-stage qualification program with the completion of the certification as Certified Professional in Change Management with EFQM qualification focuses on the systematic understanding of the methods and their practical application. It also serves as qualified proof of your competence for your CV and in your daily work. 

The accumulated learning hours in this course can be counted as PDUs. The final acceptance is at the discretion of the respective certification organization eg PMI, ACMP. 


The e - learning is based on the latest findings in learning psychology and, with a mix of spoken explanations and their visual processing, offers ideal conditions for easy learning. Different interactions in the modules make the learning journey varied and ensure learning success with quizzes at the end of each unit . All methods are explained using a practical example and you will learn to master the challenges of implementing changes together with the fictitious change team . 

The Practitioner training consists of 13 modules plus an introduction to explain the structure of the training and a summary. The templates are available for download so that you can transfer the learning content to your daily work . The training concludes with an online self-test as a learning check. 

After successfully completing the online test, you will receive a confirmation of participation, which is a prerequisite for participating in the expert training (part 3) with the final certification. 

The Practitioner training builds on the content of the basic training on, which should be completed in advance. Part 3 is the expert training including certification. The focus of this training is on the application of the change management methods that you have learned in the preceding e - learning courses . In addition, the exchange with participants from other industries and areas is valuable. The training is offered as face-to-face or remote training by experienced change managers at CPC and concludes with the Certified Professional in Change Management exam with an EFQM qualification . 

The prerequisite for participation in the expert training is the successful completion of the Foundation and Practitioner training. This must be proven on the basis of the confirmation of participation . 

Who should get certified? 

  • Project managers and project leaders 
  • Employees in HR, organizational development, transformation and strategy areas 
  • consultants and self -employed 
  • High potentials and prospective executives 
  • Students and people in a professional reorientation in the above fields 
  • Interested in change management

Content of the advanced training 

  • Interaction and delimitation of change management and project management 
  • Different roles and responsibilities in change management 
  • Detailed introduction and application of the Change Management Knowledge Areas Impact 
  • Detailed introduction and application of the Change Management Knowledge Areas Leadership 
  • Detailed introduction and application of the Change Management Knowledge Areas Enabling & Engagement 
  • Detailed introduction and application of Change Management Knowledge Areas Institutionalization 
  • Explanation of the four knowledge areas along the project lifecycle: initiation, planning, implementation, review and completion 

Educational goals

  • In-depth knowledge of the CPC change management methodology
  • Creation of an understanding of the process of change management projects along the project life cycle
  • Gain competence to carry out extensive change management projects
  • Participation in expert training is recommended to gain confidence in the use of the numerous methods .

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